Indiana College Substance Use Survey

Online Registration for Indiana College Substance Use Survey

    To participate in the survey, you will send an email invitation to your students (sample here). The email will tell the students about the survey and give them a url link to the survey. We’ll provide you with the login code once registration is completed. Students will have two weeks to complete the survey.

    We will need to know the date you want to start the survey. It can be any time after February 1st and at least two weeks before your spring break.

    (Optional) You may add up to ten questions of your own to the survey if you’d like. We have a document listing questions on a variety of topics found on national surveys. You can choose from those or make up your own on any topic (does not have to be related to substance use).

    (Optional) You may add an incentive for students to respond. Schools have given away gift cards, gas cards, sporting tickets, etc. Once the students take the survey, on the last page, it will ask them if they want to enter a drawing for the incentive, and they leave the survey page and enter a new page where they can put their name and email address. Their name and survey responses are not connected. We will randomly draw however many names you want and send the information to you so you can give them their prizes.

    You will need to find out if IRB (Internal Review Board) approval is required at your school. (This is often not required if you aren’t using the results for research or planning to publish findings from the survey, but instead are using the survey to understand the students’ behaviors to develop programs and policies to prevent substance use and improve their health and well-being.)

To register, please fill out the following information. For more information, please contact Kaitlyn Reho at